Subscriptions and Growth Marketing

While tackling first time with Growth Marketing in the summer of 2017, it was my first few months in CAREEM. We started building an amazing team whom are agile, super hardworking , jack of all trades but master of serious some…

While competing with a giant, a.k.a UBER; with loads of money, resource and technological advantage, we were trying to find the area how we can pull the competition to a place where we can bring our abilities like David did to Goliath.

Having competition on new user acquisition from digital and other marketing channels , activating them with aggressive offers trying to retain and increase their usage needs huge amount of subsidisation and budget. More over you spent super high amount of time while doing this super detailed marketing despite you have a good automation or not.

Why then we preferred to move to subscriptions or packages in Ride Hailing ?

The answer is not so simple as Subscriptions has loads of benefits. Today I am going to start summarising some pros and cons of Subscriptions and why especially in the era of 2020 you should start experimenting it for your products.


  • One of the core reasons is the Millennium and Z Generations consumption habit change compared to X and Y. Ownership is something that is not cool. People do not own things any more, they subscribe and use and drop when ever they want. They do not want to own cars that’s why they are using Ride Hailing , Micro Mobility. Same for not owning a DVD Player, they have Netflix

Fixed amount of payment for a service you know. You know what to pay. It is always same day, same time being charged to your card or bank account

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  • More Revenue. Period. Not in the short run, but in the long run. You can predict your revenue forecasts better as well as slowly increasing better margins. ROI always increases. Compared to your standard models such as transnational way of making revenue, subscriptions requires less marketing effort and budgets to grow your KPIs. You can even cross sell with partner marketing and increase additional revenues. Ex: Buy a package get delivery free.

Here are some of the articles that I tried to curate from my search on Web and Medium to continue reading and lets discuss together…


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Product. Growth. Marketing. Mobile. Former VP Growth Careem. xMicrosoft. Angel Investor. Classic Cars and Bicycles

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Product. Growth. Marketing. Mobile. Former VP Growth Careem. xMicrosoft. Angel Investor. Classic Cars and Bicycles