Ride Hailing after COVID-19

As you know, I concluded my amazing tenure at Careem in January after it got acquired by Uber and since then I am independently consulted companies in Middle East and consulting companies in Europe at the moment that are working on Fintech, SaaS, MaaS and Mobility around Growth Marketing, Mobile Experience, Customer Engagement and Digital Transformation.

It is interesting times, I am still working from my home in Dubai as many do and have a lot more time focusing on Mobility, Ride Hailing and Growth topics to continue learning and iterating :)

I was fortunate enough to listen the recording of the great meeting that the Ride share Guy Harry Campbell had with a great set set of Ride Hailing Company leaders. Info is → here

Who were the speakers :

  • Markus Villig: CEO of Bolt

Here are the topics discussed and summary highlights. Wanted to share the almost one hour of recordings summary…

Traffic of Demand

  • Almost more than %80 decline in traffic. Apart from the above companies, I am seeing and hearing these in European micro mobility companies as well as in Middle East as well

Budgets and Recession

  • Uber & Lyft have strong cash on pocket. Some large European ones as well as ones in SEA. the rest might struggle with costs

How are they trying to cope with the situation

  • Grab launched courier food, courier deliveries as well as niche versions. Grab thinks this could be longer than 12 months. Cost efficiency key and they will decrease costs on all fronts

Value Proposition

  • All companies focus on value proposition of safety, cleanliness and consistency of the experience.

Micro Mobility and Scooter Companies

  • These companies will have tough time during Covid 19 crisis. Many consolidations will happen.
Before and After Corona, Chinese Customers perception on Transportation — Survey Results

Health and Security Measures Ride Hailing Companies Taking

  • Opening the Windows default

Other Topics

  • Ride Hailing companies need to experiment many ways to differentiate

I will try to write more during these time especially about the changes happening in the industry of Car, Ride Hailing , Sharing and Micro Mobility…

Stay tuned




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